Student Success When Challenged

I have been reflecting on the class I am currently teaching and felt like students were in that Spring slump, and put into place some goals and reflection pieces for them.  We have been working on planning a MakerSpace for our Bobcat iStudio and the students have been creating the activities, practicing their speech to parents and students, and doing the activities.  They created boards to explain the activities and worked hard to get everything ready for the event.  The night of the event the kids showed up and set up the spaces, got all the equipment ready and then the kindergarten students arrived.

My BLHS BIT students were amazing.  They worked with the students to help them understand the ScribbleBot, Squishy Circuits, MakeyMakey, Kodable and Recycle Tower.  The kindergarten students were excited to learn all of the new STEM activities and were excited to work with my high school students.  All of my students were awesome and worked through a rush of kids and parents, questions from everyone and excited kids who just wanted to learn how to do the activities.  I tweeted out the following today that really sums up how I feel about my classroom and how my students are rising to the challenge:

“When we allow our students to explore their passions and not limit their creativity the students reach above and beyond their potential.”

I need to make sure that I remember that everyday when I start my class.  Allowing my students to create, explore and find their passion is how they learn and grow both socially and emotionally.  Here are some pictures from our recent Bobcat iStudio kindergarten night.  Here are some comments from the parents after the event and a testament to the great job my students did in preparing and teaching the students.  I guess you could say that I am extremely proud of what they have accomplished.

Yes, Regan and I had a great time.  Definitely looking forward to additional MakerSpace activities.  It was fun interacting with the BLHS BIT team as well.  The young kids always seem to respond so well to the older kids.  And what great experience for the BIT team – it’s not easy to lead Kindergarteners and their parents.

I wanted to let you know what a good time Cooper and I had last night at the Maker Space event. He talked about it the rest of the evening. Your students did an awesome job instructing the kindergarteners at the various science and technology activities. You can tell they have a passion for these specialties.  hope there will be more opportunities like this in the future for more than just kindergartners.Thanks again.

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