Mentor Google 20% Project

Our class was very fortunate to have John Vandewalle from Lumen Touch speak with my class about their Google 20% Projects and the improvements they needed to make in their projects, new ways to look at the project, and tips and tricks on presenting.  He talked about the importance of “passion” for your project.  If you don’t present with passion then no one is going to be interested in your project.  Students realized they had read from notes, just talked about their projects and he did not see their passion for their project.  I always talk about passion in the blog and sometimes it is hard to find our passion.  I believe that this class and the talk Mr. Vandewalle gave to our class renewed my passion to create the best collaborative environment for the students in my classroom.  One student has completely changed his project and is creating a whole new path with a great vision and passion for this new project.

We are embarking on several journeys in our class, and I am seeing the renewed passion in our class and the projects students are working on.  Mr. Vandewalle gave everyone the advice that they need to be reading all the time, either books, magazines, articles on-line, etc.  So, as a teacher I thought wow what an easy idea to implement into our class.  We will be reading weekly articles, etc. and reading some books as a class.  Students will be talking about their articles, so that we are all learning new things on a weekly basis.

We are also creating a MakerSpace with a grant for $20,000 from the VGF.  We are experimenting with different projects we could create in the MakerSpace, going to visit a MakerSpace here in Kansas City called HammerSpace, and planning activities for our first MakerSpace night with kindergarten students and their families.  Students this week created ScribbleBots as examples for what kindergarteners could create at the MakerSpace.  We will be piloting a parrot drone for our MakerSpace as well.

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