2016-17 Students

Welcome to our second year of the BLHS BIT class.  We are excited to welcome three new students to our class.  Read about our awesome group of students and their interests and support of technology in our district.

Colton Gibson

Who is Mr. Gibson?

I’m your best friend in life. I can offer you the advice you may need if you are in a troubled time. I am also a senior at Basehor-Linwood High School in an advanced technology class. That is the reason why you have come upon me today.

So far, my life has been an adventure with endless opportunities. For about 4 years, I was in a band playing covers and originals. I learned how to play the piano early on, and since then, I have learned how to play the guitar and the drums. Since then, I have taken up many new hobbies. One of which is working and having a job; I was hired on at the beginning of the summer of 2015 at a company called Homedia Solutions, LLC. I learned much about technology as well as everyday knowledge and I still work with them part-time during the school year.

Another hobby and interest of mine is politics. It started during my junior year and it has kept me very busy. I have volunteered on many local level, state level, and federal level campaigns for this election cycle. I am now a campaign manager for a state senator; which is what I do outside of my school life. It keeps me very busy as I am working on campaign strategy, organizing events/interviews, networking, and attending party events all over the state.

Last year, I enjoyed going to the Greenbush Technology Conference and Google Apps for Education conference while in this class. I was able to learn many new things to take back to the school. More opportunities I am thankful for are being a school Ambassador, a class officer in the Student Council (since freshman year), a member of the National Honors Society, Boy’s State, and the National Society of High School Scholars. These have allowed me to be myself and lead others as well as have a mature role in the community and be someone that others look up to. I have a twitter account for BLHS’ students to be able to follow along with and be updated about extra-curricular activities as well as what to wear and other activities to show school spirit. Give me a follow: @BasehorPep.


Ben DeWitt

Senior year, most people think that it is the farthest thing from freshman year. When truly it is the closer than you think. After Senior year you are a freshman again. Whether you are a freshman in college or fresh into a work force. As the great Kobe once said; “We go forwards to go backwards.” The only thing that we can hope to do with a year in N.E.R.D., is to make the year better for the many to come.

Kobe Cafe

I believe we’re taller in another dimension. Some of you may believe that we’re smaller and not worth the mention. Three years ago I was a freshman. I have driven past those days now. It’s crazy to think how much of our life has been spent in cars. Going forwards and then backwards again. Almost as much time we spend in our beds, even more for some. I don’t know what it is about the cliché car and life obsession I have. Maybe it’s a link to just how melancholy all this really is. My arm outside the window and as I look down at the tires. The wheels do that weird optical illusion, where it looks like they’re spinning backwards. Then all the lights and creatures come into site.

A few years and a few drives later. I’m a senior now. I do not drive much anymore. There’s something romantic about walking. I wouldn’t mind driving in a $16 million dollar McLaren F1, but my subconscious just isn’t there anymore. All the numbing car rides just don’t interest me anymore. I enjoy cruising.

It’s an emotional time in my life at the moment. All these friends and teachers I’ve made along the way have given me adventures. These adventures and lessons have shaped me and now I am deprived of this. I haven’t shed many tears during my teenage years, but I do believe boys do cry. It has been surprisingly beautiful. This current phase in my life is what I wished the cosmos for when I was young. I still am young. Through the rearview mirror it looks all good and really though; it’s all good. Be yourself with godspeed. How far is a light year?

Chase Mauzey

Hey guys, my name is Chase Mauzey. I am in my final year of highschool. I am finally reaching the end of my highschool days which is pretty sad now that I think about it, there were some ups and downs, but overall I would say I had some good times. I joined this class to better the community and reach out a helping hand to better our student body. This is just my second year in this class and I just have to say that it is a breath of fresh air. In my spare time I write music, play basketball, and play videogames so that’s pretty chill. I plan on going to K-State for Engineering I am not quite sure what type of engineering yet though it’s pretty hard answering the question “What do you plan in the future?” because to be brutally honest who actually knows 100% of anything. Your future is not something you control… life happens. And the thing that I enjoyed the absolute most out of last year is the unbreakable bond we had as a class right off at the start, and now that some of the past year seniors graduated it kind of feels like a whole new class. But nevertheless, I am excited for the new challenge that awaits me this year. Thank you for listening to me and I hope to bring you all something informational in the weeks to come.

Patrick Scott 

Hi my name is Patrick Scott. I am currently a Senior at BLHS. I play soccer, I do powerlifting, and I manage girl’s soccer in the spring. I am a member of National Honors Society and Mixed Chorus. Once I graduate I want to go into college and major in cyber security. I plan on going to college somewhere on an ROTC scholarship. I joined this class this year because I want to expand my base of knowledge in technology before I go to college and improve upon myself as a person.

Erin Laney

Hi!! My name is Erin Laney, and I am a Senior at BLHS this year. I joined BIT this year, because I wanted to improve my skills in technology, so that I can help others as well. I’m also hoping to learn cabling, and become advanced with it as well. In my free time, I’m constantly working on new music for my music Youtube channel, and I’m working on a new vlog with one of my friends. I also train, and compete with dance. I’m hoping to not have to go to college, and move out to California to pursue Music, Acting, Dance, etc….. If I’m not able to do that, I plan on going to the University of Toronto to go to dental school. It sounds like a far stretch, but I think I can make it happen. Last year in BIT, there were a lot of cool opportunities, but I have a couple that I won’t forget. I remember Mr. Vanderwalle coming to our class, and calling our projects mediocre. As much as that totally killed my vibe, it pushed me to take my project further. Over the summer, I played out of state, and am working on a new branch for Project Light The Way. I’m really excited to see what this year brings, but I have A LOT to do before I can graduate High School, and begin my journey on the outside.

Tristan Krouse

I am Tristan Krouse, a senior in Mrs. Lund’s BIT class. This is my second year in the class, as it has only been around for those two years. This year being my last in high school, I hope to get the most out of it. I want to be able to code in multiple languages, learn cabling. Also I want to work on my presentation skills, as they have already come a long way, but still could use some work. In my free time, I play sports, which include Soccer, Golf and Powerlifting. I also enjoy a wide variety of video games, and the occasional nap. I plan on attending Wichita State University for Aerospace Engineering, and I might get a minor in computer sciences. My favorite part of BIT last year was either the projects for makerspace at the middle school, or the EDU conventions I attended to teach teachers about the new path of education.

Mateo Rosales

Hello, my name is Mateo Rosales. I am currently attending Basehor-Linwood High School. I’m am 16 years old. I am currently a Junior and am super excited to see where this year leaves me. I do a lot of things in my free time from playing sports, to hanging out with my friends as much as I can. I work in the fall, I also work in the winter, and work in the spring. I took this class to help others mostly, but I also took it to share my knowledge with others.

Brendan Smith

Hello, My name is Brendan Smith, and I am a Sophomore at Basehor-Linwood High School. Last year I joined this class because I enjoy technology and I want to help others understand and use it well, and still do. My favorite part about last year was getting to share ideas and work together on different projects that we wanted to do. After high school, I hope to go into a career in Science or Aerospace Engineering. Some of my hobbies are hanging out with friends, playing sports, and watching t.v. I like to play basketball, golf, and do powerlifting and track as well. I hope that by the end of the year we all have learned a little more about technology.

Alex Bailey

Hello! My name is Alex Bailey and I’m a Sophomore at Basehor-Linwood High School. During middle school, I used hate getting up and talking in my own class, but now I’m comfortable talking in front of a large group of unknown adults due to being in this class. I joined this class not only to help other learn about technology, but to also learn more useful life skills. I plan on going to college (dunno which college yet) and majoring in computer science, preferable computer programming. Outside of school, I play soccer and play other sports with friends. My favorite memory in this class last year is whenever we got to dig around in the junk that was going to be thrown out and got to take stuff we don’t need home. In conclusion, I am looking forward to this year, and what the future has for me!

Madison Lee

Hey , I’m Madison. I am a sophomore at Basehor-Linwood High School. I am in this class because I like helping people, and working with children. I have never taken any technology classes. Ever. So, I have no idea why they let me in this class, but I’m glad they did. I want to learn how to present better in front of people, and improve my knowledge of technology. In my free time I ride horses, play golf, and play softball, and that’s pretty much my life. I plan on doing anything with animals, and am strongly heading toward becoming a Veterinarian Technician.

Kayla Loughry

Excuse me! If I may have your undivided attention for only just a minute or two, I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Kayla Loughry! My last name is really weird. No one can pronounce it right, which isn’t surprising. It’s pronounced Law-Three, but I don’t care if it’s pronounced wrong.

I’m a Sophomore in Basehor Linwood High school and this is my second year of BIT class. In my spare time, I take care of animals, draw, photoshop, and animate in Adobe Flash. In my future, I hope to become a comic writer, video game character designer, or an illustrator. Never dream too big, so if all else fails, work at Mcdonalds, learn the ingredient to the secret sauce, quit, sell it to every fast food restaurant, profit. I am the Plankton to the Krusty Krab.

I decided to take this class because I love technology. But, now I have really met these people and I have made a connection with everyone. I hope I can learn how to better help the teachers with computers and how to crack down on the hooligans who only play games during class.

Last year, I enjoyed looking through the trash heap of technology and finding a really old Camera. It has filters before it was cool. I will never forget the memories I made with my class. I don’t see them as students. I see them as family. Seeing Mrs. Johnson leave for the Middle School feels like I lost someone close to me. It makes me sad knowing that I won’t see her in class every Green Day. I know one day we will be united as a happy BIT family again. The freshmen have a lot to live up to now that the seniors are gone. They have a big gap to fill now. But I trust they will make good memories with us. We aren’t just a class, we are a family, a BIT family.

~Yours Truly~

Kayla Renee Loughry

Lydia Leihy

Konnichiwa, I’m Lydia Leihy, a freshman in high school. I took this class because I love working with technology and being up to date with all the new electronics. I’m hoping this class will give me a head start with all the technology so I can be able to help other people and I’m hoping in this class, I will gain the confidence I need to speak in front of people without looking like I’m in an earthquake. On my spare time, I help take care of my aunts horses and go on horse trails with her as well. For my career I really want to be a horse trainer and teach others how to ride horses or care for their horses, well mostly everything to do with horses. I’m hoping I can move to somewhere in the UK to have a large ranch and have lots of horses. Thanks for reading my blog!!!

Hannah Boyer

Hey, my name is Hannah Boyer, and I am a freshman in high school. I have signed up for the BLHS BIT team to get more involved in school, while getting better at my technology skills along the way. My goals for the future involve Cosmetology and Psychology, as well as just getting into college. This is also my first year in the BLHS BIT team. While spending time in this class I not only want to learn more about technology, but I also want to learn more about coding and help out throughout the community. Some things about me are I love music and singing. If you don’t find me making random google searches, you’ll find me singing karaoke on YouTube.

Alexis Glezen

Dearest Readers,

My name is Alexis Glezen, but I go by Lexie. This is not only my first year in BIT, but also my first year as a high schooler. Welcome to my blog! This class is all about technology, and that’s why I’m here. I love to work with technology and learning new things. I can’t wait to learn new things about technology and speaking in front of diverse groups of people. In my spare time, I like to read and write, but my favorite thing to do in my free time is to draw. I love any type of art because I find it extremely interesting. My goal for the future is to be accepted into the naval academy and become a civil engineer in the navy. Thank you for taking time to enjoy this blog.

Signing out,

Lexie G.