Excitement at BLHS….Laptop Rollout (A Peak at the Behind the Scenes Process)

During the week of September 15-18, our Instructional Support Class worked to deploy over 600 laptops to our 9-12 grade IMG_2956students at Basehor-Linwood High School. We have a supportive Board of Education that believes putting technology in the hands of our students iIMG_2228 s a priority for student engagement and learning. By voting to rollout MacBook Airs at our high school this year, we are supporting the 1:1 initiative that was started three years ago with our middle school students. Our administrators and Superintendent, David Howard, continue to support the vision of Engaging and Empowering our learners as a priority in the Basehor-Linwood School District.

With the guidance and master plan from our Network Administrator, Fredy DeLeon, and High School Technician, Lynn Nahrebeski, we were able to prepare laptops behind the scenes for an easy rollout to our students. The countless hours that were spent preparing these by Mr. DeLeon and MrIMG_2950s. Nahrebeski made logging into Active Directory and downloading Chrome, Firefox and printers seem effortless. Also, a huge thank you to BLHS bookkeeper, Mrs. Sherry McKinley, and office administrator, Mrs. Tina Lohafer, who processed paperwork and payments from our students and parents. Our library staff and aides, through the guidance of Mrs. Jackie Hockersmith made sure all students were entered into our Alexandria system so that we can track laptops checked in and out to our students. We also had the support of our Middle School TechIMG_3029nician, Cathi Pullen, who lent her expertise to our distribution process here at the high school, as she has experience rolling out iPads at BLMS. Students from our Webpage Design class opened boxes of laptops and cases to prepare them with velcro for the massive rollout. Our Instructional Support Class helped handout laptops, provide instruction to students, create instructional videos for students and staff and prepare a presentation for a Q&A with students after the rollout was completed. Our Language Arts teachers gave up instructional time for students to come in during class to pick-up laptops. As you can tell, this entire process took a team effort from our technology department, office staff, administrators, teachers, parents and our students, and together we were able to make it run very smoothly.

Continue to IMG_2946watch to watch our journey of our first year with 1:1 laptops at our high school, as our teachers continue to integrate technology into their classrooms. We are creating a 21st Century learning environment where we are preparing our students for CIMG_2979ollege, Career and Life with skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.



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