Our class has started our journey into the first year of implementation of a 1:1 Macbook Air computer for every student in our high school.  We have started to look at tools to explore, helping on the first parent night to collect paper work and letting our parents know about the technology roll out.  Students are beginning to work on their Google 20% Project and trying to decide on what project they will begin to work on.  Students are getting ready to support our staff district wide by working at the high school with our High School Tech Specialist and working at one of elementary schools in the district.

We hope that everyone will watch our journey to implement a 1:1 Macbook Air environment at our high school.  Cerner has awarded us a grant of $1,500 to help get our team started.  We will be getting T-shirts to show our team spirit, purchase materials for a Maker Space and tools to work on equipment throughout the district. Please stay tuned to see our students blog about their experiences as well as my blog about our journey.

Super excited to see what our student leaders can do when given the opportunity to problem solve, use their creativity, learn “soft skills” when working with others and their growing understanding of blogging and using social media as a tool to spread the technology integration in our district.  Stay tuned….

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