2015-16 Students

Michael Wicker

Hi, my name’s Michael, and I’m proud to be a bobcat. From humble beginnings in Kennesaw Georgia where I was born and raised, I moved all around the globe (including Germany) because my dad is active duty in the army. I’ve been to a lot of schools in my life and I can honestly say this one is the best. I moved here just before my freshman year, and now I’m a senior! I’m not particularly active in school extra curriculars, but I decided to join BIT because I’m passionate about all sorts of technology. BIT’s also appealing for its purpose to further education, which I’m also a fan of. In a harsh climate of large funding cuts to education, I think it’s great that Basehor-Linwood is pulling through strong.

Erin Laney

Hi!! My name is Erin Laney. I am a Junior at BLHS, and a first year student with the Information Support and Services group. I joined this group, so that I could become more advanced with the ins and outs of technology. In my free time, I enjoy playing music with friends, spending time in the dance studio, and of course, working to improve my skills in technology. Within this school year, I am hoping to help others improve their skills in technology, as well as my own. 🙂

Ethan Edmonds

I am Ethan Edmonds and i am a tenth grader. I go to Basehor Linwood High School which is fun and some people are friendly. I joined Bobcats Integrating Technology because technology is my life i do a lot of things with technology in my free time. I like to run in my free time and i will go do things on my computer just for fun and tho pass time away.

Alex Bailey

Hello! I am currently a Freshman at Basehor-Linwoood High School. I enjoy playing sports and “technical” stuff including and computer programming and attempting to create my own video game. I hope to become a computer programmer and get a degree at Kansas University. My Favorite subject is either english or reading because I think literature is fascinating, plus I love to write short stories. I joined the BLHS Bit help desk, because I wanted to help others learn the full potential use of technology. Plus I hope other teachers or schools see how technology can help students in the classroom.

Tristan Krouse

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 8.51.57 PMYes, I am Tristan, I am a Junior who loves technology and someone who probably uses it way to much. Ask me anything for I hide nothing. My hobbies include soccer, weights, golf and the use of technology. My day consists of Waking up, school, sports then sleep with food time in between. I enjoy the simple things in life which is pizza and technology. I am open to anything and not scared to try new things. I have no plans for where I’m going to college or the future except that I plan to do great things.

Bevin Coon

Hello! My name is Bevin Coon and I am a senior at Basehor-Linwood High School. The first thing you should know about me is that I grew up in a military family, so I’ve lived all over, from North Carolina to Japan. I’m the fourth child in a family of eight, and I’ve always loved technology. For this reason, I decided to join BLHS BIT. In school, I participate in Cross Country, Track, Science Olympiad, Choir, and I’m in the schools engineering program through PLTW. After high school, I plan to study to be a chemical engineer and scuba dive with sharks.

Brendan Smith

Hello, My name is Brendan Smith, and I am a Freshman at Basehor Linwood High School. I joined this class because I enjoy technology and I want to help others understand and use it well. After high school, I hope to go into a career in Science or work for some sort of movie or online production. Some of my hobbies are video games, using computers, and I also like reading books and writing stories. I love playing basketball and golf and play lots of sports in my free time. I hope that by the end of the year everyone has learned a little something about technology.

Christopher Lopez

My name is Christopher Lopez. I am a senior at Basehor-Linwood High School. I joined BLHS BIT because Technology has always interested me and it will help to hone my skills with technology. During the school year I participate in Science Olympiad and have for 6 years this year. I am also involved in the PLTW course and plan to go to college for engineering after graduating high school and plan to become and electrical engineer. My favorite subject in school is mathematics and my least favorite subject is social studies.

Ben DeWitt

Hello, my name is Benjamin DeWitt. I am a junior participating in the BLHS Help Desk named BLHS BIT. It is a brand new program that’s purpose is to assist our school into accepting the 1:1 program. I joined the class because it was presented to me to fill in a similar class. The school canceled it to allow this class into the school. When I heard about it I knew that it would be fun as well as informative. In my free time, though I now have very little, I find myself playing video games or surfing the internet. I prefer the Xbox over the new PlayStation or Nintendo consoles. However the Nintendo GameCube will always hold a place in my heart. When I am not playing consoles I will be reading a book. I am very excited for the new year and the new class, I am hoping to create a new mobile game for my 20% project.

Chase Mauzey

My name is Chase Mauzey. I am 16 years old, and a first year member of the BLHS BIT Team. I wanted to join this team because the technological field is always growing and I want to be a part of a developing world. My mind is always going 100 mph and, what can I say, technology gets me. In my spare time, I just play videogames, basketball, and I workout.

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